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The Kombucha Craze!

The Kombucha Craze!

Kombucha cultures are a yellowish color.

Tricia Martin | Chef's Blade

My Kombucha Recipe


1 kombucha mother (if you need one and are in the Portland area, I will certainly have one for you in a few weeks, just let me know!)
-4 to 6 cups distilled water
-boil it to purify
-1 cup white sugar
-4-6 bags organic black or green tea—you can use flavored teas here too, except Earl Grey, apparently the bergamont oils in that tea are not good for the mother.

In a sterilized wide mouth glass jar (the one I am using in the pictures above has a bit of a small mouth, this will just make fermenting time take longer), pour the boiled water, sugar and tea bags into. Let steep until the tea mixture is room temperature…if it’s too hot, you will kill your culture. Stir with a wooden spoon, metal is not all that great for the cultures either…those finicky cultures!

Pour your kombucha culture and the left over kombucha brew it’s sitting in, into the large jar/tea mixture. Use a tea towel, cheese cloth, or ripped t-shirt to cover the mouth, and use a rubber band to secure; apparently fruit flies like to get into the brew and lay their eggs if it is left uncovered.

Then, let sit 7-14 days, start tasting after about 5 days until your desired sourness/sweetness is reached! Keep in a warm, dark place like your basement or a kitchen cupboard, the less light the better!

This is an experiment and my first time brewing, so if you have any advice, feel free to leave it!

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