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Gourmet Glossary: "G"

Gourmet Glossary: "G"

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Galangal A member of the ginger family, used in a similar manner.

Gammon Cured whole leg of pork, served hot.

Garam Masala A mixture of spices used in Indian dishes.

Garlic A pungent member of the onion family used as a flavouring.

Garlic Salt A mixture of salt and ground dehydrated garlic powder.

Gelatin A setting agent, derived from animals, available as a powder or a sheet. Used to make jellies, mousses, etc.

Glaze To brush liquid over food to give it a glossy appearance.

Globe artichoke A vegetable the leaves and base (heart) of which are eaten.

Glucose The natural sugar, found in fruit and other foods, which is easily absorbed by the body.

Gluten The protein in flour which, gives the dough elasticity and strength.

Gorgonzola An Italian cow’s milk cheese, pale in color with blue veining.

Gram Flour A pale yellow, flour made from ground chickpeas.

Granadilla A member of the passion fruit family, with an orange skin and sweet pulp.

Granità A sorbet made from a slightly sweetened syrup flavoured with coffee or liqueur.

Gratin A dish that is topped with cheese or breadcrumbs and grilled until golden and crispy.

Gravy A sauce made from thickened meat juices, often with added stock or wine.

Griddle A flat cast-iron pan used for breads and scones, or to cook meats. Can have a flat or ridged surface depending on it’s use.

Groundnut the seed of a member of the pea family, can be roasted, salted and eaten whole or used in cooked dishes. It’s oil is used for cooking. Also known as a peanut.

Gruel A thin cereal, usually oatmeal, cooked in milk or water.

Guinea fowl A game bird, now domesticated, available year round.

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