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Ingredients in Making Sausage

Ingredients in Making Sausage

For optimal texture in prepared sausages, use an approximate ratio of 70% meat to 30% fat, by weight. (photo by CIA)

Culinary Institute of America

Sausages are made by grinding raw meats along with salt and spices. This mixture is then stuffed into the natural or synthetic casings. The original “containers” were formed from intestines, stomachs, and other animal parts. In fact, the Italian word for sausages, insacatta, literally means “encased.”

Main ingredient

The sausages in this chapter are made with pork, veal, beef, lamb, venison, pheasant, chicken, and turkey. Traditionally, sausages have been made from the tougher cuts of meat from the leg or shoulder. The more exercised the muscle, the more highly developed the flavor. Any tendency toward toughness is eliminated by grinding the meat.

Meats for sausages should be trimmed, if necessary, and diced or cut into strips. When pork liver is called for in a sausage recipe, cut it into cubes before grinding. The seasonings or cure mix are tossed together with the meat before grinding.

Certified pork Pork sausages that undergo lengthy smoking or drying procedures but aren’t cooked must be made with certified pork, which has been treated in a way that destroys the pathogens responsible for trichinosis. You can purchase certified pork or prepare it yourself.

Certified Pork Temperatures and Freezing Times

Pack pork in containers to a depth of 6 in / 15 cm.

Other Sausage Ingredients:
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