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Gourmet Glossary: "F"

Gourmet Glossary: "F"

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Fava Beans Fresh or dried broad beans.

Fennel There are two main uses for this aromatic plant as vegetable and as a herb.

Fenugreek Aromatic seeds used as a flavoring.

Feta cheese A creamy white Greek cheese made from ewe’s and cow’s milk and kept in brine to give a salty flavor.

Fillet A boned, lean cut of meat, fish or poultry.

Fiberts See: Hazelnut

Filo Pastry Very thin sheets of pastry east European and Middle Eastern dishes.

Fines Herbes A mixture of chopped herbs.

Finnan Haddie Smoked haddock, originally from the Scottish town of Findon.

Fish Kettle An oblong or oval pan with a lid and an inner removable grid used for poaching fish.

Flaky Pastry A pastry made of layers that become flakier when cooked.

Flambé French term for flamed, food that is ignited with a small amount of liquor poured over, the burning alcohol envelops the dish in flames.

Flan Open pie filled with a sweet or savoury filling.

Florentine A dish containing spinach, or a small biscuit.

Florets Individual flower stems of the heads of vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.

Foie Gras The liver of force fed geese or ducks

Fold To mix ingredients whilst retaining air. Often to incorporate flour or sugar with beaten egg whites.

Fond A flavored stock used for making a sauces and soups.

Fondant A soft sweet icing. Sautéed potatoes crisped with a soft center.

Fool A cold dessert made from whipped cream and fruit purée.

Forcemeat A stuffing for meat, poultry or vegetables.

Frangipane A almond flavored sweet pastry cream.

French Dressing An oil and vinegar cold sauce used to dress salads. Also known as vinaigrette.

Fricassée A white stew.

Fritter Meat, fish, fruit or vegetable covered in batter or breadcrumbs and deep-fried.

Fromage Frais Low-fat, fresh curd cheese

Fumet A stock used for flavoring sauces, strong-flavored usually mushroom or fish flavored

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