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Gourmet Glossary: "B"

Gourmet Glossary: "B"

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Bain-Marie A shallow hot water bath into which another container is placed to cook. Used to distribute heat evenly and prevent scorching. Also used to keep food warm without boiling or over-cooking.

Baking Powder A raising agent that reacts to produce carbon dioxide which expands during baking to ensure that cakes and breads rise.

Balsamic Vinegar Dark brown vinegar from Italy, made from grape juice aged in wooden casks.

Banbury Cake A oval flaky pastry filled with currants, lemon peel, and spices cake, from Oxfordshire.

Banger Slang for a sausage.

Bannock A large, round traditional Scottish cake of made from barley, wheat or oatmeal, varying according to region.

Bap A light bread oval bread roll with a soft floury crust and light inner crumb.

Bara Brith A traditional Wales fruit bread or cake.

Bard To cover lean meat with strips of bacon to prevent it drying out whilst cooking.

Barbary Duck Breed of duck not as fatty than common duck, requires more basting.

Basmati Rice Indian long grain rice, with a characteristic flavor.

Bass White fish with three types: sea, silver and striped.

Baste To spoon over hot fat or liquid whilst cooking.

Bay boletes or boletus A wild mushroom of the ‘cep’ family is often found in areas where conifers grow.

Bay Leaves An evergreen shrub, with aromatic leaves. used as a herb both fresh and dried.

Béarnaise Sauce Classic French sauce made from vinegar, white wine, black peppercorns, tarragon and shallot, finished with egg yolks and butter.

Béchamel Sauce A flavored white sauce often used as a base for other sauces.

Beurre Manié A paste of flour and softened butter, used to thicken soups and sauces.

Bisque A creamy, rich soup, often made from shellfish.

Black Bream A dark gray sea fish, served filleted, baked or stuffed.

Black Butter Butter browned with added lemon juice and parsley, served with fish, like plaice or skate.

Black Pepper Whole peppercorns of varying colors used as a seasoning.

Black Pudding A large sausage made from pigs blood, suet and seasonings.

Blanch To steep in boiling water to soften, whiten, clean or to make the skin easier to peel.

Blanquette A stew or white meat dish cooked in white stock or water with flavorings, with a sauce made from the cooking stock.

Blind Bake To bake a pastry case without a filling.

Bonito Large a oily fish fish from the same family as tuna and mackerel.

Borlotti beans Large, plump bean, pinkish brown in color with reddish brown streaks; often available dried,.

Bouquet Garni A small bunch of herbs, usually parsley, thyme, bay leaf and marjoram, either in a muslin bag or tied together, removed before serving.

Bovril A simple way to flavor boiling water to replace beef stock. Made from beef extract, use as a flavoring for soups. A teaspoon dissolved in cup of water makes a quick beefy drink.

Braise To cook meat or vegetables slowly in steam in a covered pan.

Brazil Nut A large nut with a hard shell and white kernel, can be eaten raw or used in cooking.

Brill A fish of the flounder family.

Brisket A cut of beef from the belly, used for slow roasting, casseroles, stews or mincing.

Brochette Cubes of meat, chicken or fish and vegetables threaded on to a skewer and grilled.

Brownie A firm, chewy cake, often made with chocolate and nuts, cut into squares.

Brown Sugar Refined sugar with a thin coating of molasses, not to be confused with raw, unrefined sugar.

Buckwheat A grain sometimes ground as flour.

Buttermilk Cultured pasteurized milk, mildly acidic with a creamy flavor and thick consistency.

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