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Buffet Design

Buffet Design

Culinary Institute of America

Buffet design can be a challenge for any chef; with the Culinary Institute of America, Chef’s Blade presents to you best practices for Buffet Design.

Once the theme for an event is determined and you have made your best estimate of the anticipated head count, you can diagram the layout for tables, buffet lines, and stations. In addition, you can choose the serving pieces and centerpieces for the buffet. As you work through the various tasks involved in preparing the buffet’s design, evaluate your decisions to see if they help to reinforce the theme, improve service, and control costs.

1. Layout of Lines and Stations
2. Lines and Stations Setup
3. Tables Configuration and Setup
4. Linens and China, Flatware, and Glassware
5. Service Pieces
6. Serving Tools, Planning for Waste, and Pre-plating
7. Garnishes

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