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How to Sharpen & Hone Knives

How to Sharpen & Hone Knives

The Culinary Institute of America

Steeling Method One

1. Start with the knife nearly vertical, with the blade resting on the steel’s inner side.

2. Rotate the wrist holding the knife as the blade moves along the steel in a downward motion.

3. Keep the blade in contact with the steel until the tip is drawn off the steel. Repeat the process with the blade resting on the steel’s outer side.

Steeling Method Two

1. Hold the steel in a near-vertical position with the tip resting on a nonslippery surface. Start with the heel of the knife against one side of the steel.

2. Maintain light pressure and use an arm action, not a wrist action, to draw the knife down the shaft of the steel in a smooth continuous motion.

3. Finish the first pass by drawing the blade all the way along the shaft up to and including the tip. Repeat the entire action, this time with the blade against the steel’s other side.

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Reprinted by permission from The Culinary Institute of America, The Professional Chef, 8th Edition (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2006).