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Chef Essentials: Tomato Sauce

Chef Essentials: Tomato Sauce

The Culinary Institute of America

Options for Making the Perfect Tomato Sauce

To develop different flavors, add any of the following ingredients at the appropriate time. Some are added early in the cooking process, while others are added near the end so they retain their individual flavor and fresh taste. Onions and other aromatics added at the very beginning of the cooking process may be sautéed until lightly browned rather than until just tender for additional depth of flavor—

Fresh and/or dried herbs
Smoked meats
Smoked ham bone or pork bone
Tomato paste or purée
Onions and carrots, sweated and chopped

When appropriate, a tomato sauce may be thickened with any of the following:

Pure starch slurries

The type of tomato product used will also have a definite effect on the final product. Any of the following may be used, some alone or in combination:

Fresh tomatoes
Canned tomatoes—whole, peeled, puréed, or chopped
Tomato paste

Depending on the desired finished consistency of the tomato sauce, it may be puréed.

Reprinted by permission from The Culinary Institute of America, The Professional Chef, 8th Edition (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2006).