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The Ultimate Guide to Recipe Calculation

The Ultimate Guide to Recipe Calculation

The Culinary Institute of America

Converting Volume Measures to Weight

You can convert a volume measure into a weight if you know how much 1 cup of an ingredient (prepared as required by the recipe) weighs. This information is available in a number of charts or ingredient databases.

You can also calculate and record the information yourself as follows:

Prepare the ingredient as directed by the recipe—sift flour, chop nuts, mince garlic, grate cheeses, and so forth.

Set the measuring device on the scale and reset the scale to zero (known as tare).

Fill the measuring device correctly. For liquids, use graduated measuring cups or pitchers and fill to the desired level. To be sure that you have measured accurately, bend down until the level mark on the measure is at your eye level. The measuring utensil must be sitting on a level surface for an accurate measurement. Use nested measuring tools for dry ingredients measured by volume. Overfill the measure, then scrape away the excess as you level off the measure.

Return the filled measuring tool to the scale and record the weight in either grams or ounces on your standardized recipe.