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Food Styling: Tools of the Trade

Food Styling: Tools of the Trade

Kim's food styling tools

Kim Kissling | Chef's Blade

Windex. Yes, that blue stuff in a spray bottle is so useful on set. It cleans up spills and drips as well as removing oil from surfaces of food when used with a square of paper towel or Q-Tip.

Fun Tack, that blue or yellow tacky substance that you used to hang posters in your bedroom when you were a kid is always close to set and is used to hold things in place such as a fork that is precariously place on the edge of a plate.


Plastic Shims (photo K.K.)

Museum Wax is a product used to hold artifacts and collectibles in place in a museum so they don’t fall over. This substance is also very helpful on set to hold things in place much like Fun Tack. But it’s clear and not as visible.

Erasers are used to prop things up and hold things in place. It’s a good substance to use because it has some weight to it and the surface is a little tacky and helps to keep things from slipping and can be cut or broken into usable sizes.

Wedges or plastic shims are used in the same way as erasers to prop up plates and things on set.


Demitasse spoon (photo K.K.)

Eye Droppers are very good to use for putting small amounts of liquid in very specific places on food.

Small spoons, like demitasse spoons, are used in much the same way as eye droppers to put liquids and sauces in small areas on a plate of food.

Please read next month’s article on the bigger tools of the trade; clothing steamers, heat guns, torches, etc.

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