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Food Styling: Tools of the Trade

Food Styling: Tools of the Trade

Kim's food styling tools

Kim Kissling | Chef's Blade

Q-Tips, yes those cotton swabs that you use to clean your ears, are used to clean up any unwanted drops or juice.

Scissors of every size, especially tiny little sewing scissors are frequently used on set to trim off any unsightly tidbits.


Spritz Bottle (photo K.K.)

Pins, straight pins, T-pins, tidy pins are all used to hold things together and in place.

Spritz Bottles are used to spritz water on fruit to make it look freshly picked or on a glass to make it look like the glass is cold and sweating.

Squeeze Bottles, especially very small ones with small openings are used to put mustard or mayonnaise on a sandwich in just the right place.


Kitchen Bouquet (photo K.K.)

Glycerin is used mixed with 50% water. When this mixture is spritzed on any surface, it will look like a water droplet but will not dry up or move. It’s great for sweat on glasses.

Kitchen Bouquet is an old product your Grandmother probably used to make gravy. It’s a very thick, dark brown liquid that can be mixed with water to make it look like meat juices or even iced tea if mixed with enough water. It is also used to make meat looked browned in spots that need a little more color.

Ruler; this may seem a bit over the top but it’s always good to have a ruler in a styling kit just in case something needs to be an exact size or if things have to be uniform in size. This comes into play a lot in baking and pastry.