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How to Make Your Holiday Meal Less Stressful

Jeffrey Kraus | Chef's Blade

#1 Plan, Plan, and Plan

First and foremost have a plan. Whether it’s a potluck, dining out, or if it’s at your house have a plan. Know how many people are coming, set a budget, assign dishes for the potluck, shop for restaurant specials, and make reservations in advance.

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Featured Author: Jeffrey Kraus
Growing up helping his mom in the kitchen was the beginning of Jeff’s interest in the culinary arts. After high school Jeff attended but did not finish culinary school. Having explored various jobs and graduating from Indiana University, Jeff has returned in pursuit of being a trained cook and working in the culinary industry. He has traveled and studied at famous culinary schools in France and in the U.S. When Jeff isn’t in the office, you can find him on his favorite social media sites and blogging at Agréable Dégustation