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Kitchen Slang You Need to Know

Nick Morrison | Chef's Blade

Gettin’ a Lil Cheeky, a Lil Funny

FNG – Fucking New Guy

In the weeds/weeded – Busy to the point of being overloaded and falling behind. As in, “I’m getting in the weeds here, can I get some help?” and “The host booked 14 tables all for 8:00 and we got weeded.”

In the shit – Really, seriously in the weeds.

Rubber – Finger cot, used for covering an entire finger that has been cut. So named for it’s strong resemblance to a small condom.

Spooge – Foam.

Slam out/bang out/jam out/rock out – To work extremely efficiently to keep up with high order volume.

Rail – A strip of metal that order tickets hang from. aka “the board”.

Salamander – Broiler

Water – An alcoholic beverage brought to a cook in the kitchen.

Whiz – To blend anything in a food processor, blender, or hand/immersion blender.

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