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Gourmet Glossary: "T"

Gourmet Glossary: "T"

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Tabasco Sauce A hot, spicy sauce made from vinegar and red chili peppers.

Tagine An earthenware dish with a conical shaped lid. Also known as a tajine.

Tamarillo An oval, red, tropical fruit.

Tamarind A spice made from the pressed pulp of tamarind pods.

Tangerine A small orange citrus fruit. Mandarins and satsumas are varieties of tangerine.

Tarragon A herb, often with an aniseed flavor, used as a flavoring.

Tartare 1. A sauce made from mayonnaise, capers and gherkins. 2. Steak tartare raw minced beef served with egg yolk. 3. A meat served raw, as in tuna tartare, salmon tartare, etc.

Tarte Tatin An apple tart that is cooked under a lid of pastry, served upside down .

Terrine A meat pâté made in a deep dish with straight sides.

Thickening A preparation of butter and flour, egg yolks or cream used to thicken and bind soups or sauces.

Thyme A gray-green aromatic leaves and small purple flowers, used as a flavoring.

Timbale A layered dish cooked in a mold (timbale) and turned out.

Tofu A bland ingredient made from cooked soy beans.

Topside Cut of beef from the rear of the animal.

Tournedos A small round slice of the center of a fillet of beef. Also known as filet mignon.

Treacle A dark viscous sugar syrup.

Tripe The stomach of a cow, pig or sheep.

Truffle An underground rounded, irregular shaped fungus with a distinctive.

Truss To tie and skewer the wings and legs of poultry or game birds before roasting.

Turbot A flat, firm fleshed sea fish.

Turmeric A yellow spice, used as a coloring and flavoring.

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