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Culinary Glossary: "S"

Culinary Glossary: "S"

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Saddle The undivided loin from a meat carcass.

Saffron An expensive spice derived from the stamens of the crocus, used as a flavoring and to give a yellow color.

Sage A aromatic herb used for flavoring.

Sago A starch made from the pith of the sago palm.

Salamander A commercial grill which can be heated to very high temperatures.

Salami A salted, smoked or air-dried sausage.

Salsa A thick and spicy cold relish made from tomatoes.

Salsify A root vegetable with a delicate flavor. Also called the oyster plant.

Salt Cod Dried, salted cod.

Sambuca An Italian aniseed flavored liqueur.

Samphire A fleshy green plant which grows on coastal marshes. Also known as glasswort or pickle-plant.

Sangria A Spanish drink of red wine with fruit and spices with mineral water.

Sardine A small pilchard, an oil-rich sea fish.

Sauté To fry food rapidly in a small amount of oil or fat until evenly browned.

Scallop A shellfish with firm and white flesh and an orange or pale red coral (roe).

Scone A small, rounded sweet or savory cake.

Score To make shallow cuts in the surface of meat to allow heat to penetrate whilst cooking.

Scotch bonnet A very hot, small chili.

Scrag Cut of meat from the neck of lamb.

Sea Bream A white sea fish.

Seasoned Flour Flour with salt, pepper or spices added used to lightly coat meat or fish before stewing or frying.

Semolina A coarse flour used to make breads and puddings.

Shin A cut of beef from the foreleg.

Shortbread A sweet, rich butter biscuit.

Shortcrust Pastry A crumbly pastry that is ideal for pies and pasties.

Shuck To open the shell of an oyster with a small, thick-bladed knife.

Silverside A cut of beef.

Simmer To keep a liquid just below boiling point.

Sippet A small piece of toast used to garnish.

Sirloin A cut of beef.

Slake To mix a thickening agent with liquid.

Smoothie A drink made from pulped fruits or vegetables.

Sorbet A semi-frozen water ice.

Sorrel A green herb used in salads and as a flavoring.

Soufflé A sweet or savory dish enriched with egg yolks with whisked egg whites folded in and then baked.

Souse To cover fish with a mixture of vinegar, spices and water to cure or prior to cooking.

Spelt A cereal grain with a nutty flavor, and can be used by people with wheat allergies.

Squid A sea mollusk of the cuttlefish family. Also known as calamari.

Star Anise A star shaped spice, with an aniseed taste, used as a flavoring.

Starfruit A yellow five-pointed fruit with a sweet and sour flavor. Also known as carambola.

Stock A liquid that has absorbed the flavor of meat, fish or vegetables cooked in it.

Strudel A fruit sweet made from very thin layers of pastry.

Stuffing A thick paste made from herbs and breadcrumbs, used to stuff roast meats or baked separately and served to accompany.

Sweat To cook vegetables slowly with little fat, to steam, soften but do not brown.

Sweet Chestnut The fruit of the sweet chestnut tree, can be roasted or added to stuffings or other dishes.

Sweet Potato A pink root vegetable.

Suet A dry, firm animal fat used in the making of pastry and steamed puddings. Vegetarian alternatives are available.

Syllabub An English dessert of sweeten whipped cream, white wine, infused with lemon.

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