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Gourmet Glossary: "R"

Gourmet Glossary: "R"

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Radicchio A crisp bitter, peppery variety of chicory.

Ragout A stew of meat, poultry or fish.

Raised Pie A pie made with hot water crust pastry.

Ramekin A small china or earthenware dish.

Ratafia Biscuits An almond flavored biscuit.

Ratatouille A vegetable stew with herbs.

Reduce To thicken, concentrate or lessen the volume of a liquid by boiling rapidly to remove water content.

Reform Sauce An English sauce with port, served with either lamb or game.

Relax To rest pastry after rolling out to prevent shrinkage or meats after cooking.

Render To extract the fat from meat by slow cooking.

Rennet An animal derived substance used to curdle milk when making cheese, vegetarian alternatives are available.

Ricotta An unripened soft and creamy Italian ewe’s milk curd.

Rice Flour An alternative to wheat flour also used as a thickening agent.

Rice Vinegar A vinegar made from rice wine.

Rillette A smooth paste made from pork or poultry meat cooked in lard.

Rissole A dish made of meat or fish coated with breadcrumbs, shaped into cakes and fried.

Rocket A green salad vegetable with a peppery flavor. Also known as arugula.

Roast To cook meat by direct or radiant heat in an oven.

Rock Salt A salt derived from the seams of compacted underground sources.

Roe The eggs from a female fish (hard roe) or similar glands of a male fish (soft roe),

Roquefort A French ewe’s milk cheese with blue-green veining.

Rosemary An aromatic shrub with pungent leaves are used either fresh or dried as a flavoring.

Rose Water An essence distilled from fragrant rose petals.

Roux A mixture of fat and flour gently cooked together, used to thicken soups or stocks.

Rump Cut of beef from the lower back.

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