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Gourmet Glossary: "P"

Gourmet Glossary: "P"

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Pancakes Thin, flat batter cakes made by shallow fried on both sides. Also known as crêpes.

Papaya A fruit with green skin, with an aromatic, orange flesh. Also called a paw paw.

en Papillote A dish cooked in a parcel (paper) to protect food from heat and keep in the flavor and aroma.

Paprika A ground red pepper, used as a flavoring.

Parboil To partially cook by boiling before continuing to cook by another method.

Parmesan Hard, cow’s-milk Italian cheese.

Parsley A green herb used as flavoring, garnish or used as a vegetable.

Passata A smooth tomato sauce.

Pasta A dough made from durum-wheat semolina, water and sometimes eggs. Sold dried or fresh.

Pâté A paste or spread made from meat or fish, can be of various textures from smooth to coarse.

Patty Pan A small, circular, courgette with fluted edges.

Patty Tin Baking tin with 6, 9 or 12 shallow round compartments used for making individual pies and tarts.

Peanut See: Groundnut

Pecan A nut related to the walnut.

Pectin A substance in fruit that cause the pulp to set, as when making jams.

Périgeux A demi-glace sauce made with finely diced or chopped truffles.

Perry An alcoholic drink, similar to cider, made from pears.

Pestle and Mortar Pestle is a club shaped implement. Mortar is sturdy mixing bowl. Used to pound, crush or mix ingredients. Ideal for crushing spice seeds or small amounts of hard ingredients.

Petit Four A small fancy biscuit or cake.

Pilchard An oily sea fish

Pine Nut The small edible seed of the stone pine, used as a flavoring. Also called a pine kernel.

Pink Fir Apple A pink-beige, knobbly skinned, waxy potato.

Pistachio Green colored nuts with an open shell.

Plaice A flat sea fish with orange-spot.

Poach To cook in liquid that is kept just below boiling point.

Portobello Mushroom A flat dark open mushroom.

Pot Roast To cook food raised in on a rack within a covered pot over a small amount of liquid.

Pottage A thick stew cooked in a pot over an open fire.

Poussin A small immature chicken, also called a spring chicken.

Praline A sweet made of almonds and sugar.

Prawn Shellfish with several different varieties.

Profiterole A choux pastry small bun, usually filled with cream.

Puff Pastry A very light flaky pastry made of many layers which expand when cooked.

Pulse Edible seeds, often dried, of leguminous plants such as peas, beans, lentils, and chick peas.

Purée Raw or cooked food blended into a smooth paste or sauce.

Puy Lentils Small grey-blue lentils.

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