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Gourmet Glossary: "M"

Gourmet Glossary: "M"

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Macadamia A nut that is native to Australia, with a white kernel.

Macaroon A small almond flavored biscuit or cake.

Mace A spice, used as flavoring.

Macerate To soak raw, dried or preserved fruit or vegetables in liquid to soften or absorb the flavor of the liquid.

Mackerel An oily sea fish with a firm flesh.

Madeira A fortified wine often used in cooking.

Madeleine A sweet scallop-shaped cake.

Maldon Salt Sea salt which comes from the Maldon area of Essex, UK.

Mandolin A very sharp slicer with one or blades fixed in a frame that can be supported in a tilted position. Used to slice or juilienne vegetables.

Maple Syrup The sap of the maple tree, popular in the United States and Canada.

Marengo A chicken or veal dish made with white wine, tomato and garlic.

Marjoram A green herb, used as flavoring.

Marinate To soak in a liquid for varying amounts of time to add flavour or to tenderise meats.

Marinière A method of preparing shellfish or other seafood, by cooking in white wine.

Marlin A sport game fishing find often sold as steaks

Marmite Marmite is a dark-brown colored savory spread made from the yeast extract a by-product of the brewing industry. It has a strong, slightly salty flavor. You either “love it or hate it”. Can be eaten spread thinly on toast.

Mascarpone A soft and creamy Italian cheese.

Marzipan A thick paste made from ground almonds, sugar and egg whites used as a topping for cakes or as a base for the icing for special cakes.

Mayonnaise A thick, creamy, cold sauce made from oil and egg yolks, with vinegar and seasonings, used to dress salads.

Megrim Flat sea fish from the brill and turbot family.

Meringue Stiffly whipped egg whites and sugar, which when baked hard on the outside but soft inside.

Mesclun A mixture various types of wild and cultivated of young shoots and leaves used in a salad.

Meunière A method of cooking fish by coating in seasoned flour and frying in butter.

Mille-Feuille A pastry made of thin layers of puff pastry, whipped cream with a sweet or fruit filling. Literally means ‘a thousand leaves’.

Mincemeat A sweet and spicy preserved mixture of dried fruits and spices, with rum or brandy, used for mince pies.

Mint A green herb with a range of varieties, used as flavoring.

Mint Sauce A thin sauce made from chopped mint, vinegar and sugar, traditionally served with roast lamb.

Mirepoix A mixture of diced vegetables, sautéed in butter to form a base for many sauces, soups and stews.

Molasses A thick, dark, heavy sweet syrup.

Monk’s beard A vegetable grown in Italy, similar in appearance to samphire.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) An additive used to enhance the flavor of foods.

Morel A wild, sponge-like fungus.

Mornay A cheese sauce used to coat fish, eggs or vegetables.

Mousse A cream dish with added beaten egg whites and with a sweet or savory flavoring.

Mozzarella An Italian water-buffalo milk fresh or un-ripened cheese sold in whey.

Mull To heat and add spices to wine or ale.

Mulligatawny A spicy soup originally from India.

Mustard Mustard generally contains husked seed, plus wheat flour and turmeric. Water is added to produce a thick paste.

Mutton The meat from mature sheep, dark red in color and rich in flavor.

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