Recipe: Slow roast pork

Prep time: 20 minutes Cook time: 600 minutes Servings: 8-10 Ingredients 1 Niman Ranch pork shoulder (5-6 pounds) 2 Tbsp coriander seeds 2 Tbsp fennel seeds 3 cloves garlic, chopped 1 Tbsp salt 1 Tbsp pepper Extra-virgin olive oil 3 apples, quartered (Braeburn, Fuji, Golden Delicious, or Pink Ladies) 3 branches fennel tops 1 cup chopped onions 3 cups dry white ... Full Story

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    A Glass of Americana: Summer’s Tastiest Ice-Cream Floats

    A Glass of Americana: Summer’s Tastiest Ice-Cream Floats
    An ice-cream float is the quintessential summertime treat in the good ol’ U.S. of A. To enjoy one is to experience a bit of nostalgia for all things Norman Rockwell, even if you’re too young to know exactly who Mr. Rockwell is. The root beer–vanilla ice cream combination is a diner staple, and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy the ...
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    Food Styling: Tools of the Trade Part II

    To follow up last month’s article on tools of the trade, here is a list of the larger items found in a food stylist’s kit. Heat Gun: This item is usually used to remove unwanted wall paper. The intense heat releases the glue under the paper in order to peel the paper from the wall. But in food styling it is ...
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    9 Meat Cuts You Should Be Cooking

    Succeeding in culinary school is more than just being a good student With the recession, customers want cheaper meat. And with the head-to-tail movement, chefs aren’t just cooking prime rib and terderloin, but the neck and shanks of cows, pigs, and ducks everywhere. Whether it’s the recession or the head to tail movement, normally discarded cuts of meat are making ...
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    Food Styling: Tools of the Trade

    Food Styling: Tools of the Trade
    A food stylist’s kit is his/her lifeline. A well-equipped kit will help a job go smoothly and easily. There are things on the list below that one might think odd to use with food but, rest assured, every single item on this list is vital to food styling in one way or another. There are a few obvious things such as ...
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    5 Reasons We Taste What We Taste

    Food isn't the only factor that plays into why we taste what we taste. In the world of food, flavor is king. If it doesn’t taste good, we don’t want to eat it. Our survival depends on the fact that we keep eating food because it tastes good. Scientists say the tongue can distinguish only 5 primary tastes: sweet, salty, ...
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