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    Food IS Art

    Working together for the past 7 years to create the most amazing and fantastical images of food, Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle are from Tokyo and Burgandy, France, respectively, but now live and work in Paris; they have also been married for 10 years. In 2002, they created their first "Minimiams", of which we've included 10 for your enjoyment. Working as ...
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    United States Pizza Team puts on show at Javits Center

    United States Pizza Team puts on show at Javits Center
    Dough flew high and far at the Javits Center on Sunday as members of the United States Pizza Team demonstrated the extreme sport of pizza tossing. Expert pizza flingers twirled chunks of dough behind their backs and between their knees, dazzling crowds at the 2009 International Restaurant and Foodservice Show. The entire front row ducked when one dough spinner leaped from ...
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    Welcome to Chef's Blade!

    Welcome to Chef's Blade!
    Chef’s Blade is the career and social network of choice for the creative, passionate, and innovative people who work in the cutthroat culinary industry. Whether you are a seasoned executive chef, an aspiring pastry chef, a caterer, a sommelier, a restaurant manager or owner, Chef’s Blade culls together the career resources and networking tools you need to advance your career. We ...
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