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Couple Dines at the Same Restaurant Every Day for Four Years

Couple Dines at the Same Restaurant Every Day for Four Years

Bussiness Wire

Don and Pat Clubbs think the Democracy Grille at the Bethesda Marriott Suites is the perfect local destination for cocktails, dinner, or brunch on the weekends. In fact, they are so convinced that they have been regulars there seven days a week for four years and 1,460 meals.

But what keeps them coming back? First, they say the location is perfect since it’s in Bethesda, right off of I-270. They live and work only about a mile from the hotel.

“The Democracy Grille is an easy destination and the parking is free,” says Ms. Clubbs. “When it rains, commuters stop in to wait out the traffic and the storm and have appetizers and conversation.”

The Clubbses also point out the comfortable outdoor space with cushioned furniture and heaters for cooler weather.

The second thing the Clubbses like about the Democracy Grille is the management and staff. “There has been some turnover during the years we’ve been coming, but the transition has always seemed easy and everyone has been very well qualified,” says Mr. Clubbs. “The general manager comes around to say hello and the chef will pop out to see what we think of something new that he’s created. They, and the wait and bar staff, all treat us like family. In fact, if we don’t arrive at our usual time, the staff are worried and ask us to call.”

The third thing that the Clubbses say keeps them coming back is the food. They say they appreciate the range of price options and especially like the bar/appetizer menu during Happy Hour. The hotel’s Democracy Grille piloted Marriott’s 5-10-20 menu”a collection of food items ready within 5, 10 or 20 minutes. These culinary items are classic American, chef-crafted, simple, fast and fresh. This type of menu is especially popular now because the items are moderately priced, so diners don’t have to drop a small fortune to enjoy a meal out. This menu features original items from Marriott’s Hot Shoppes, including the well-known Mighty Mo triple-decker cheeseburger, and the Running Boy, also a Hot Shoppes original, with two Mini Mo sliders, cheese fries, coleslaw and barbeque wings.