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At Last, Young Chefs Stand Up to Beast of 'Hell's Kitchen'

At Last, Young Chefs Stand Up to Beast of 'Hell's Kitchen'

Maxine Shen | New York Post

The chefs are fighting back this season on Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen.”

The sixth season of Gordon Ramsay’s cooking competition series kicks off Tuesday and, for the first time ever, a contestant gives as good as he gets during the episode’s elimination round.

Not only does he swear right back at Ramsay, but he challenges him to – gasp – “step outside.”

Ramsay told reporters yesterday that this season was “possibly the most demanding in terms of frustration levels.”

“I suppose they’ve watched the show before and they think they want to come in with the bravado . . . sometimes it’s like dealing with petulant teenagers, it’s frustrating, it gets to you after a while,” he said.

But, Ramsay admits that he prefers his aspiring chefs to be cocky, not timid.

“I encourage that, the confidence,” he said. "But, when you’ve got the arrogance, the confidence and you can’t cook, you’re going to look stupid, so it’s only a matter of time before they get exposed.

“However, never, never knock out that kind of confidence from a young chef to begin with because you need that kind of stigma today [as a chef]. I want to inspire them and push them to the limits, so of course I’m going to come back like a hard-ass.”

When asked if he’d ever said something he wanted to take back, Ramsay didn’t choose the incident that landed him in hot water when he likened an Australian journalist to a lesbian pig.

Instead, he picked the recent time when he yelled at his 9-year- old son, Jack.

Jack’s team was losing 1-0 and he "came within three feet of scoring this goal . . . he sidefooted it to try and be flash and he missed the goal, so I shouted at him, ‘Jack, you should’ve gone to [optical store] Specsavers!’ " Ramsay recalls.

“There was this silence, this air of silence across the soccer pitch where all the soccer moms and dads are looking at me, saying, ‘Hey hey, you may be a hardass in the kitchen, but give him a break.’ So, I learned to keep my mouth shut and [that] being on the soccer pitch is not the same as being in the kitchen when things are going wrong.”

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