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Young Chef Competition in Teipei

Young Chef Competition in Teipei

Young Chefs travel to Taipei to compete

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The 2009 Taipei International Food Festival held three activities on July 4th and 5th. The Taipei City Government said that promotions for the Food Festival lasted three months and that during the last two days the best of the Festival was shown.

The Young Chef Competition is about wisdom, skills, and experience

A fascinating light show attracted everyone’s attention as the Young Chef Competition began. Seven candidates were interviewed on stage, their confidence brimming as they prepared for the competition.

The competition consisted of three stages; Stage One tested the candidates’ knowledge of cuisine, and accounted for ten percent of the final score. Stage Two tested the youths on their skills with a knife, and accounted for twenty percent of the final score. Candidates’ knives seemed to blur in their hands as they cut away, slices of meat growing steadily in front of them, awing the audience with their skill and speed, borne of hours of practice and discipline. Stage Three required the candidates to create a completely unique dish of their own, and accounted for the final seventy percent of their score. This is the stage the candidates had prepared for the most, working for hours to create that perfect new dish that could net them the big win. The competition lasted for sixty minutes, sixty minutes that could change one lucky youth’s life forever. While the seven candidates prepared their ingredients, began cooking and finally served up their dishes, adding just the right amount of garnish, one could see their passion and creativity shining through, making them each seem a star in their own right and wowing the judges.

The Commissioner of the Department of Economic Development, Chen Hsiung-Wen, said, “Most famous chefs in Taiwan are over fifty years old, so it is vitally important to find fresh, talented youths to become the next generation of chefs. This is the reason why the Taipei International Food Festival specifically arranged for the Young Chef Competition; to give youths with a passion for cooking a chance to make themselves known. I can’t believe that these young people, who are all under thirty, were able to excel at this competition with such skill. It’s a genuine pleasure to see that the traditions of preparing gourmet food have been passed down to a new generation.”