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Hand Pulled Mozzarella

Hand Pulled Mozzarella

The final product (photo by K.K.)

Katie Kwan | Chef's Blade

9 . Pour boiling water onto curds in the shallow pan by the ladle full, until the thermometer hits 170F. It takes energy to heat up the curds, so even though the water is boiling it will loose a substantial amount of degrees (say 50) when you pour it on top of the curds.

Begin forming.

Cool ball in a bowl of water.

The video shows how you would pull a ball of mozzarella. If you pull it this few times, the mozzarella will be very fluffy and when cut, a bit feathery.

The stringy chewy quality is not there. To form this texture, you must pull the cheese until it cools to the point where it is hard to work with, reheat by soaking in the salty hot water again, pull once more, reheat, and then pull a third time. You are looking for a cheese that is shiny and that stretches to greater lengths.


bands of elasticity

The feathery ball is better for instant eating, while the stretchier one is better for eating once cooled in a bowl of water for a couple hours and sliced. When first formed, the stringier one is a bit tough, but will soften as it soaked in water. The feathery one is delicate whereas the other one has a great bite. Play around, find the texture you like.

Cool all the balls in some water or leftover whey. Eat!

I ate mine straight with a bti of salt. And then made pizza too.

Shaping The Mozzarella Ball from katie kwan on Vimeo.

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