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Hand Pulled Mozzarella

Hand Pulled Mozzarella

The final product (photo by K.K.)

Katie Kwan | Chef's Blade

Part 1: Curd Making

1. Pour milk and citric acid into a large pot attached with an instant read thermometer. Stir to combine. Heat the milk on low to 91 degrees F. Turn of the stove. Keep between 88-91F for 1 hour. When milk drops to 88, reheat to 91 and toggle back and for as needed.

2. After an hour, dissolve the tiny bit of rennet you have in a 1/4 c warm water. Once fully dissolved, mix it into the heating milk. Continue toggling between 88-91 F. Let sit for 15-20 WITHOUT STIRRING, until a pudding forms. It should look like silken tofu.

3. With a long sharp knife cut 1/2 inch hatchmarks cross and lengthwise (to form a chess board). Make sure to cut all the way down to the bottom of the pot. Let stand for 5 minutes (no mixing). Continue to monitor the temperature (toggle gobble).

cutting curds from katie kwan on Vimeo.

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