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Top Chefs Reveal Their Kitchen Secrets

Jacky Hayward | Chef's Blade

Right now, Mark is working at Get Fresh Table and Market Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, where he has been building relationships with local farmers as well as raising extremely local produce in the restaurant’s backyard. Through his relationships with local farmers, Mark has been able to hand select the meat he uses in his restaurant, which is very important to him as he believes in his food being produced more humanly as well as being more personal, ie. food that he himself selects. He’s a big believer in the Farm to Table movement as well as a fan of Dan Barber of Blue Hill restaurant.

In addition, Get Fresh Table and Market is both a restaurant and and a market, which you might be able to get from the name. If a patron likes what they eat in the restaurant, they can buy a version of it in the market. In addition, Mark talks about showing people the garden in the background, saying that “educating people about where there food comes from” is very important to him.

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