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Top Chefs Reveal Their Kitchen Secrets

Jacky Hayward | Chef's Blade

That evening, Manuel was cooking a delicious, locally inspired meal: Almond crusted soft shell crab with spring peas and green garlic. I am quite in love with soft shell crabs, whose season started a few weeks ago. In addition, green garlic season is at it’s height in San Francisco. While I was talking to him, Manuel chopped some beautiful green garlic as well as instructed the sous chef with the exact proportions to cut the spring peas.

In addition, Manuel flew out the day before from New York to help with this meal. Right now, he is quite busy back home working on opening a new restaurant called Travetine with restaurateur brother/sister pair Dustin and Danae Cappelletto. The restaurant should be opening soon, but Manuel “[doesn’t] want to open until everything is ready.” The restaurant, bordering Nolita and Little Italy in New York, is to be a Mediterranean fine-dining establishment with seasonal inspiration.

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