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Top Chefs Reveal Their Kitchen Secrets

Jacky Hayward | Chef's Blade

A little bit ago, I met with former Season 4 Top Chef contestants Ryan Scott, Manuel Trevino, and Mark Simmons as they were prepping a dinner for nine lucky eaters. The dinner had been an auction item in the February 2009 Bay Area Red Cross’ annual auction. The initial stages of the meal were prepared in the kitchen of Global Gourmet, but the dinner itself would be at the auction item’s winning bidder’s home. These three Top Chefs would be joined by fellow Season 4 contenders Stephanie Izard, Jennifer Biestly, and Erik Hopfinger, as well as Season 3’s Casey Thompson, later that night for the dinner itself. Each chef was cooking one course, for a total of seven courses, or close to a course and chef per guest. Um, yum!

It was great to catch up with these Top Chefs while they were preparing the dinner. I got to ask them burning questions, such as, what is your favorite knife? And favorite ingredient?

I must say though, after seeing them prep for the meal, I was pretty jealous of those nine lucky eaters.

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