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BookofCooks Provides a New Way to Make a Living off Your Cooking!

BookofCooks Provides a New Way to Make a Living off Your Cooking!

BookofCooks provides an online pre-prepared "cookbook" of food for consumers to buy, from chefs like you!

Bussiness Wire

BookofCooks today announced the launch of its Web-based directory created to connect culinary professionals and consumers. Incorporating the latest social networking technology, the Web site serves as a resource to help people locally find professional chefs, caterers, specialty foods and more within a particular region.

On, users can easily register to ˜book a cook’ who meets their taste buds’ needs, while professional cooks can showcase their culinary talents, meet like-minded experts, and earn extra income as they are matched with potential clients. Whether users are in search of gluten-free, vegan, organic, slow food, international cuisine, or are simply nostalgic for a taste of their hometowns, BookofCooks is a complete one-stop-shop to satisfy any craving.

“As a foodie who loves to dive into cuisines from all over the world, I envisioned BookofCooks as a portal to help people reach out in their neighborhood to find the types of food they’re craving,” said Julian Mellicovsky, founder of BookofCooks. “It’s a handy resource where people can find personal chefs, cooks and food artisans who create unique meals that are not always available on restaurant menus.”

The platform enables users to search by location or food type to find specialty cooks in other areas; order prepared foods; review and share their experiences with others while rating the chefs. Culinary professionals can set up their own free online restaurant/bakeries; upload menus, licenses and videos; showcase their cooking skills and earn money while building a customer base.

About BookofCooks

Launched in 2009, BookofCooks enables people to see “what’s cooking in their neighborhoods,” serving as an online marketplace for ˜home-made’ prepared foods. An innovative and practical online destination that connects foodies with personal chefs, dietitians, food artisans, and cooks in their local markets, BookofCooks also enables culinary professionals to showcase their specialties, network with other professionals, and get feedback from consumers. For more information, please visit

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