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Former Hooters Waitresses Allege Tip Theft

Former Hooters Waitresses Allege Tip Theft

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Eight former waitresses of the Hooters eatery chain allege in a lawsuit their bosses at four Hooters establishments in California routinely stole their tips.

The female plaintiffs allege while working for the popular restaurant chain, known for the skimpy outfits its waitresses wear, their managers stole tips amounting to nearly $40 per day per restaurant, The San Francisco Chronicle said Friday.

Plaintiff Dina Partridge, 29, said the alleged thefts during the last four years were particularly disturbing given how reliant waitresses are on the tips they receive from customers.

“It’s disgusting. I mean, these girls are making minimum wage, and here (senior managers) are dipping into their tips,” Partridge alleged.

“Those are extra wages for them, and they’re being taken advantage of,” she added.

The Alameda County Superior Court suit alleges the tip thefts took place in Hooters restaurants in San Francisco, Dublin, Fremont and Campbell.

The Chronicle said the lawsuit was filed against the operator of the establishments, Hott Wings Inc., along with the company’s owner and a number of other company officials.

The suit, which is seeking unspecified financial damages, is currently seeking class-action certification.

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