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The Golden Arches Now Makes Mochas and Lattes

The Golden Arches Now Makes Mochas and Lattes

(photo by Creative Commons user Iam Muttoo)

Christine Boyle | NY Daily News

Caffeine addicts have a new way to get their McFix.

McDonald’s is planning to give coffeehouses like Starbucks a run for their money with an array of mochas, lattes and cappuccinos.

McCafes will be rolled out nationwide starting in May, offering iced and hot varieties of the espresso-based drinks.

The Daily News asked a random sample of New York coffee lovers to take a blind taste test of two iced mochas – one from McDonald’s and one from Starbucks.

“This is a nice blend,” said John Stephens, 84, a life-long coffee drinker who said he would choose the McCafe variety any day.

“It’s got the coffee flavor, the chocolate flavor, it’s very nice.”

The results from the five New Yorkers were mixed – three opted for the McCafe variety, which they said was sweeter and had a stronger coffee kick.

Two preferred Starbucks, which they said was more chocolaty and had a milder flavor.

“This one is more rich; it’s very subtle and not too strong,” said Pervaz Akhtar, 54, a habitual latte drinker who also said he preferred McDonald’s iced mocha.

“It’s a very rich taste. When you drink it, you know you’re drinking a real coffee; it’s very fresh.”

Rebecca Vickers, 43, from Rego Park, Queens, disagreed.

“This one has a unique taste,” she said about the Starbucks iced mocha.

“It’s not too sweet and not too strong. I would go for this.”

McDonald’s will sell its McCafe drinks in 12-, 16- and 20-ounce containers. The iced drinks will be available in the 16-ounce size.

The hot coffees start at $2.49; the iced mochas and lattes cost $3.49.

“It’s our biggest product introduction since breakfast in the 1970s,” said Paul Goodman, owner/operator of seven New York McDonald’s, including a franchise on Broadway in downtown Manhattan that’s already selling the McCafe offerings.

“Locally, we think it’s a home run for us and our customers.”

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