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Why Eating Design?

Why Eating Design?

A large mushroom on the side of trail. (photo by T.M.)

Tricia Martin | Eating is Art

When I first started eating design, what I knew for sure was that I wanted to find a way to to communicate messages, stories, and ideas to a broad and wide audience. I knew and even anticipated that my audiences might not be from the same place, have the same socio-economic standing, or even speak the same language, but I firmly believe(d) in finding a way for diverse peoples to be able to access information through a common format. While thinking about this, I was simultaneously baking and cooking a lot. I realized that this was a way for me to materialize a specific memory and/or feeling; anything that was ephemeral and intangible (a feeling I could not quite put into words, or words that I did not know how to say out loud), I could make tangible through food. Do others do this? Can our thoughts, feelings, and memories become not only tangible but understandable through food? The answer I found is: Yes.

Accessibility in design is not only how my path of eating design started, but what continues to spur me on today. The countless ways we can express our selves, thoughts, feelings, ideas, and concepts through food amazes and excites me everyday. Eating design functions as a mediator between the intangible and an experience, between a design that effectively communicates and a design that will knock your socks off.


Moss (photo by T.M.)

Having fun and inciting interest are also hugely important to what I do and believe in. Not only do we remember things better when we are more relaxed and having a good time but we are more open to possibilities and concepts; we broaden the scope of our problem solving abilities in order to come up with some really great ideas. Innovative teachers and educators take this approach to teaching their students new material; having fun is efficient as well as results oriented!

In life, we are learning new things about ourselves and the world around us daily whether we realize it or not. Eating design simply points to these things, the food becoming an entry point and involving the senses (which in turn involves more of your brain and attention while experiencing) allowing people to explore the deeper message or idea. Something that I love about working this way is I have become a facilitator of thought. I am not pushing anything on anyone but gently opening the door to a new way of thinking, looking, or remembering. The best part is, if people choose to not go any deeper than the food itself, they still walk away with a tasty treat, snack, or meal. It’s a win win! And great design.

How can eating design make an impact on your life? Think of it as a framework and a new (but most importantly fun!) way to communicate something, incite interaction amongst people, or simply reflect. It is as versatile as you.

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