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Lindsay Pomeroy and Wine Smarties: Teaching Wine to San Diego

Lindsay Pomeroy and Wine Smarties: Teaching Wine to San Diego

Lindsay Pomeroy, owner of Wine Smarties (photo courtesy of C.S.)

Carrie Strong | Chef's Blade

In the airport, on the way to visit my sister last summer, I picked up a copy of Wine Spectator. The issue covered the top sommeliers in the country, organized by city. Searching for something familiar, I looked at New York City, Boston, and finally San Diego, places where I had once lived. To my surprise, a college friend of mine was noted as one of the top sommeliers in San Diego! I hadn’t seen or heard from her in years, but there she was in Wine Spectator.

As soon as I got back to NYC, I called Dussini Mediterranean Bistro in San Diego to reconnect with my friend, Lindsay Pomeroy, Founder/Owner of The Wine Smarties and Wine Spectator Award Recipient for her wine lists at Dussini Mediterranean Bistro, The House of Congress and Dudley’s Wine & Gifts, in San Diego. Lindsay and I exchanged stories about how we both landed in the wine business. It was astonishing for both of us to be in such a cultural industry, because we had attended a college from where most students became engineers, lawyers or financial business associates of some sort.

Lindsay explained her story as a journey of travelling and enjoying culture with a little bit of hard work. She explained, “wine is a balanced subject to study: there’s chemistry, art, creativity, and philosophy, and of course it’s a social drink!” Lindsay also found wine to be unconquerable subject matter, consistently changing and forever evolving. For her, wine presented itself as a life challenge, for which she boldly stepped up to the plate.


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After teaching English in both Italy and Boston, Lindsay moved to San Diego. She began working at a very successful wine bar where guests were excited to learn about what she was pouring for them. This position inspired her to acquire her sommelier certification with the Society of Wine Educators in order to provide information with confidence. The combination of working with wine and her experience with teaching pressed Lindsay to look at opportunities in San Diego. But she found that there wasn’t anyone teaching wine as a business in San Diego. She had to look deeper within her soul and go out on her own.