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Homemade Soymilk: Fresh, Hot, Strained

Homemade Soymilk: Fresh, Hot, Strained

Katie makes soymilk in her home kitchen.

Katie Kwan | kitchensidecar

The strangest thing about this endeavor is that I am allergic to soymilk. Yup. I am Asian, and so I am lactose intolerant. And I am ALSO allergic to soymilk. Yet, I refuse to shy away and head for the rice milk aisle.

Christ. Some people are just so good at marketing free stuff. My mother would scoff at the fact that rice milk is basically the dust that coats rice kernels and water.

So my rebuttal to physiology is to eat as much stinky cheese and soy products as I can. Makes sense, right?

My best memories of soymilk were when we used to go visit my grandparents’ grave and eat at this one Beijing style restaurant. We would order hot sweetened soymilk (dou jiang) and pieces of fried dough, an oriental coffee and doughnuts, if you will. My dad’s patients sometimes bring him cartons of their own soymilk, still warm to the touch. I envy him. He gets the best presents, like a roasted duck, one half wrapped in a take out carton, the other wrapped in a plastic bag.

To be more than honest, this soymilk was just a pit stop to homemade tofu. I stole the recipe from Just Hungry. She actually has a much more informative post. Instead of repeating her didactic recipe, I will show you how simple and intuitive it is to make soymilk.

Homemade Soymilk

Summary: (makes 2 quarts) Total time 11 hours; Active time 3 hours. You will have to start the night before to soak dried out beans. The next day you will blend boil and strain. Very simple. Just a bit time consuming.

Ware: This is the most important part of the process: Having the right stuff. You will need a blender (or immersion blender), a large pot (probably 6-7 quarts), a strainer, and some cheese cloth.

Ingredients: 1/2 lb of soybeans

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