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Matzoh Pizza Gets Kids in on the Act

Matzoh Pizza Gets Kids in on the Act

Jaweed Kaleem | The Miami Herald

In a small auditorium at the Miami Children’s Museum, two dozen kids crowded around chef Michael Jacobs.

“Can we all say matzoh?” he asked, holding up a piece of the cracker-like flatbread Jews eat in lieu of leavened bread during Passover.

“Matzooooh!” the youngsters cheered.

But with only two ingredients – water and flour – matzoh can be a hard sell for little ones. The kids’ excitement actually had more to do with what joined it on the chef’s table.

“Oh my God! Cheese!” exclaimed one girl. And tomato sauce, olive oil and basil.

“How can you not love matzoh pizza?” asked Jacobs, who cooked at Tantra and Grass before opening his own consulting and catering firm, MediterAsia.

His pizza was the highlight of a program sponsored by the Open Tent, a Jewish outreach organization based at Miami Beach’s Temple Beth Sholom, and the PJ Library, a national education program run locally by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.

It brought children to the museum late last month to learn about Passover, the most popular holiday shared across Jewish traditions, which commemorates the flight of the Jews from bondage in Egypt and celebrates their freedom.

“This is a story about a superhero. He was born long ago waaay over there in a land called Egypt,” Rabbi Gayle Pomerantz of Beth Sholom explained as she guided the youngsters in song and dance to tell the 3,000-year-old Passover story.