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Motorcycle Food Diaries

Motorcycle Food Diaries

Janaki Jitchotvisut | Chef's Blade

What’s this got to do with food? Oh, everything, my friend. During riding season, we like to plan trips that involve motorcycling, motorsports, and food—-and sometimes, just one of the three. Planning a 360-mile round trip to Sheboygan in order to visit one of the only restaurants in the U.S. that’s been certified by Naples as serving proper Neapolitan pizza? That was how we spent one particularly great weekend last year… and on my bike, which gets ridiculously great gas mileage, I only had to fill up once. Il Ritrovo was fantastic, and our visit to its neighboring shop (which is also owned by the same people), Field To Fork, was even more so—except that I’d stupidly forgot the cooler at home, so we couldn’t take anything perishable back with us. Which is incredibly criminal when winding through the country roads that go from northern Illinois up into Wisconsin during the summer, because there are so many interesting, delicious, and unbelievably fresh things to take home with you that I really wanted to cry when I realized I’d forgot that cooler.

While it’s obvious that we, as a society, need to rethink the way we conduct ourselves on the planet in order to live in more socially and ecologically responsible ways, that doesn’t mean we need to restrict ourselves solely to a five-mile radius. Rethinking the way we travel and think and eat and breathe and live doesn’t have to be restrictive at all—and two wheels are a lot more fun than four. Two wheels and a sharp knife and I’m a happy, happy girl.

And since I’m telling you all this now, you’ve got a few months to save up and find yourselves the bikes of your dreams so you can hit the road in search of great food when everything finally melts. And while we’re on the topic, for any food-and-travel-TV-network-programmers who might be reading this: why, exactly, haven’t we gotten the Hairy Bikers’ Cookbook here yet?