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10 Backyard Chickens

Todd Parsons | Chef's Blade

She’s holed up with the expression, “Leave me the heck alone!” I zoomed in from a distance so as not to get too close and ruffle any feathers. I like the geometry of the simple laying structure. It doesn’t have to be the Ritz for these beauties. They just need somewhere to sit in peace and quiet for a few.

Todd Parsons has always been an inquisitor of things unknown. Finishing college and hopping aboard his trustworthy sloop to explore what was over the horizon, he sailed solo down the coast of the U.S. and points further south. After two years of meeting and photographing people of varying cultures, races, and ideas, his love for documentary photography was born. A decade later, now based out of San Francisco, Todd lends his creative passions to photographing a wide range of interests. Mainly focusing on families and people who are in the midst of their own cultural change – whether it’s a wedding or newborn baby – he’s truly humbled to look through a viewfinder and call it work.

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