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9 Fast Food Meltdowns

Jacky Hayward | Chef's Blade

The McGriddle Throw-Down, McDonald’s, 2009

A McGriddle consists of four key ingredients: egg, cheese, bacon, and a two pancakes. So, when one of those four key ingredients is missing, you’re missing 25% of your meal and your next step should be to throw the hot, greasy sandwich into the face of the person who served it to you, right? Wrong. But one McDonald’s customer thought that was the correct coarse of action when the customer’s McGriddle was missing the egg ingredient and threw the meal into McDonald’s employee Patricia Munguia’s face. While Munguia declined medical attention after the hot food was thrown in her face, she was advised to call the police if the customer returned to assault her again with breakfast food. What if Munguia’s assaulted with a Big Mac and fries?

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