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9 Fast Food Meltdowns

Jacky Hayward | Chef's Blade

The Disabled Debacle, McDonald’s 2009

This is the one where we really have to side with the customer. First, Margaret Todd, a 69-year old disabled woman, tried to enter her local New Zealand McDonald’s via the front door but couldn’t because it wasn’t wide enough to accommodate her mobile scooter. She then decided to go through the drive-through window, where she’d been served before, which we think was quiet a savvy reaction. She was then told she couldn’t be served for “health and safety reasons.” Huh? Todd, not backing down, pushed the manager to detail these health and safety reasons, to which the manger had no answer. Finally, the manger agreed to serve the woman if she waited away from the window, which is just unnecessarily rude. At the end of all this, however, Todd went to pay with eftpos, an Australian and New Zealand based payment system, but was told that this McDonald’s doesn’t except eftpos. Todd was pretty furious and rightly so, if you ask us! This whole debacle started because the front doors to the McDonald’s weren’t wide enough to accommodate Todd’s handicap scooter.

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