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9 Fast Food Meltdowns

Jacky Hayward | Chef's Blade

The Case of the Missing Digit, Wendy’s 2005

For a few months, a San Jose, CA Wendy’s was under investigation due to Anna Ayala biting into a tip of a finger she found in her chili. She was apparently so “emotionally upset once she found out what it was…she was vomiting” said Joy Alexiou, a spokesperson for the Santa Clara County Health Department. Ayala then sued Wendy’s, cried to the media about the horror she found in her chili, and cost the restaurant millions in revenue, causing them to have several rounds of layoffs. The only twist of the story was that Ayala was the one who had placed the digit in her chili. This came out 8 weeks later after every finger that could have been in that chili, from the initial suppliers to all of Wendy’s restaurant workers, had been accounted for. Ayala and her husband—the finger was from her husband’s colleague—are now in jail.

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