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9 Fast Food Meltdowns

Jacky Hayward | Chef's Blade

The McDonald’s Crasher, McDonalds 2010

Most of us don’t expect the highest quality food when visiting McDonald’s. However, one woman at the end of December 2009 did. When her hamburger wasn’t cooked to her liking, she demanded her money back refusing the employee’s offer to remake her burger. When she wasn’t given her money back, the unidentified woman went on a rampage. She poured water across the cashier desk, threw a sign over the counter, and pushed over a glass display case and three cash registers before she cursed and fled. The woman still hasn’t been identified. Do you know who she is? You might know her by her as a picky-eater.

With all these examples of people losing it over fast food, one wonders why these customers are losing it. Does constant consumption of the food loosen a few screws? Or is the very difference between what the food is advertised as being and the reality drive individuals to madness? What do you think? Comment below!

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