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Lusikkaleivat or Spoon Cookies

Lusikkaleivat or Spoon Cookies

Spoon cookie close up (photo T.M.)

Tricia Martin | Chef's Blade

When I dropped these off, my friend’s eyes widened in anticipation. “These cookies taste like Christmas,” she told me mid bite as she helped herself to seconds. “My mother makes something like these every year. Actually, we are going to be making some next week,” she explained after carefully chewing, making sure not to miss a beat, a flavor, or a memory. I was thrilled to have caught a glimpse of this familial moment through her explanation and facial expressions!

My best friend, who’s grandmother is Finnish, sent me this recipe. All she wrote is “I’m thinking of making these. The jam filled cookie seems to be my thing this year…” What caught my eye wasn’t necessarily the jam filling, but the crumbly, buttery, vanilla-y cookie dough. Browning the butter and then incorporating all the little browned bits from the bottom of the pan (especially important, the recipe stated) sounded phenomenal. And if this was made right, I was imagining the slight crumble of the cookie quickly turning from the soft grain-like texture and melting in my mouth, the flavors enveloping my tongue. And it did. The jam burst through the subtlety of the cookie, complimenting the undertones of vanilla and butter with a zing of raspberry. I’ve heard of people using plumb or cloud berry jam as well. Either way, don’t skimp on cheap jam—this cookie needs to be done right with something hanging around you might have made last summer, or a nice jam from a specialty store.


The final product! (Photo by T.M.)

Lusikkaleivat is a traditional holiday cookie Finnish people make for both Christmas and Easter. But I am warning you, it’s browned butter goodness will haunt you. The delicate flavor and texture will leave you reaching for seconds…thirds…you get the point.

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