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Obama's Pastry Chef: The Crustmaster

Obama's Pastry Chef: The Crustmaster

Nancy Benac | Associated Press

WASHINGTON – Poor Bill Yosses. He’s the White House pastry chef. He makes desserts for a living.

He works for Barack and Michelle Obama. They talk about healthy eating. All the time.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right?

Not at all.

Yosses’ creations – especially his pies – have won over even the Obamas.

The president calls him “The Crustmaster.”

The first lady points to pie-on-demand as one of the big plusses of life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“I’m the dark side,” Yosses joked in an AP interview. “They love our pies.”

In truth, Yosses says, there’s no contradiction to being the pastry chef for such an avowedly health-conscious first family.

“They did reassure me that they love dessert,” Yosses says of his first days in the Obama White House. “But they don’t want it there for themselves or their children every day.”

Yosses, 56, doesn’t cook just for the Obamas. His team whips up treats for dozens, hundreds and thousands of guests attending a never-ending stream of parties, receptions and other special events at the White House.

On a recent visit to the pastry kitchen, Yosses offered a rare insider’s view of the operation.

Menus for close to a dozen coming events were taped to metal shelves. Trays of Halloween cookies were stacked 18 high on a rolling rack. A freshly baked pie shell sat on the marble counter, awaiting its filling. Housekeepers and groundskeepers helped stuff cellophane goody bags for 2,000-plus trick-or-treaters. A tray held dried sugar pieces destined to become part of a circus centerpiece for a still-to-be determined event.