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Love in My Gut: Peanut Butter Cookies

Love in My Gut: Peanut Butter Cookies

(photo by I.C.)

Isabel Cowles Murphy | Chef's Blade

I have just finished a short, intense love affair. I am afraid my lover will not be visiting again soon—he’s just too much for a girl to handle. He makes me do crazy things, like sit in the kitchen for hours, hot and red-faced. He takes his time. He makes me sit inside the house, blushing and indulging and licking my lips when no one suspects. He is rich and tan, but sweeter than your typical sea faring mogul.

I came upon him while making something for my husband—isn’t that always the way? I thought it was so innocent, to make a batch of cookies, but once things got going, I got really, frighteningly carried away. Here is the gist: I managed to, though some kind of divine intervention, create a cookie that is so full of sugar, peanut butter, peanut chips and regular butter, that it barely, just barely holds itself together. This creation of mine, my edible Pygmalion, really does defy the laws of physics.

That is the secret to a good cookie, I realized. At least the ones that appeal to my taste: I like them relatively flat and super crunchy on the edges, chewy on the inside and never dry. Essentially, I like a lot of butter and sugar and whatever additions give the dessert its style. In this case, it was peanut chips. Essentially what I like is when a cookie has the absolute bare minimum of flour keeping its crumbs from turning to liquid on the Silpat. Ladies and gentlemen, meet my peanut butter cookies.

Let me back up for just a moment. These cookies were made from the best basic ingredient—love. More importantly, love by way of compunction. I was a rather beastly wife on Thursday evening when Christopher informed me of plans to spend time playing poker and shooting things over the weekend. Needless to say, I did not take kindly to the non-invitation. No, I don’t like poker or hunting, but I don’t like spending Friday night alone either while he cavorts with the boys. Some seething ensued.

Followed by a massive eruption. Needless, highly emotional…something that a girl who needs some sweets might do. So I made this round of cookies, and offered some to Christopher as an apology. It worked out in so many ways… he got to hunt happily while I cuddled up and had a love affair. Unbelievably, I was found out, when Christopher noticed crumbs in the bed.

This recipe comes from a template provided by Magnolia Bakery. I throw in about twice as much butter and twice as many chocolate chips, as well as a quarter cup more sugar. These cookies are serious mood-lifters, but they’re the kind of thing that a gal can’t take much of, lest she have a heart attack.

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