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The Homemade Oreo

The Homemade Oreo

Don't you want to take a bite of that delicious orea? (photo by T.M.)

Tricia Martin | Chef's Blade

My brother’s birthday is on Halloween. I always thought he was so lucky—what an amazing holiday to have a birthday on! Everyone is festive, dressing up, eating sweets, and getting free candy, it doesn’t get much better than that! We used to have really fun birthday parties for him too where my mom would create a “haunted-house” in the garage where we’d all stick our hands in various foods blindfolded and told they were “witches eyeballs” or “brains”. It was disgusting but it was fun.


The cookies just out of the oven! (photo by T.M.)

Now that we are older, things are a little bit different. We live on opposite sides of the country, and he now likes chocolate, especially dark chocolate (hated it all as a kid). I like dark chocolate, but tend to be more of a milk chocolate gal—only one of our many differences. Yet, as I have been thinking about him a lot recently, I’ve realized that he and I are are not as dissimilar as I thought. I tended to think of him as just different because of his illness. This thought was blocking me from seeing him as a whole person—instead I have only been seeing what is wrong. But I’ve realized that he actually is going through a lot of the same growing up issues that every 20 something does, including issues that I went through. You know those questions, insecurities, doubts, fears, and uncertainties that tend to be especially prevalent during our 20’s. Hearing about other people’s situations and stories can be really helpful for me and is probably true for my brother. So I’ve started encouraging him, letting him know that I am here to talk to or bounce things off of. Sometimes I do slip into the bossy older sister mode and just want him to be OK—I get all wrapped up in just wanting him to be how I want him to be! But in the end, that hasn’t been working. In fact, it just makes things tense and angry between us. So, I’ve decided to use this different approach and already things have been feeling better and more open.


The cookies in a tin (photo by T.M.)

I called him last weekend and was trying to be really covert in asking him about his favorite desserts, flavors, etc (neither of us are good at being super covert!). I found out his favorite desserts are mint chocolate chip ice cream (that would be really interesting to make but hell to ship) and oreo cheesecake pie. As he was telling me about the pie, I had an instant flashback of my brother, my dad, and me on one of our rare trips to the grocery store together. We would buy things that my mother would never have brought home and used to get giddy about it together. One of those “absolute nots” in our house was Oreos, except when dad went shopping. Then my brother and I would savor those cookies, eating them on the sly, until they were all gone. We loved them. That’s when I knew I had to MAKE them and send them to him for his birthday. I knew I had seen the recipe somewhere, did a quick search, and found it on one of my favorite sites Smitten Kitchen. These cookies really do taste like oreos! It is uncanny really. They are good. And addictive. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!