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Ugly Pumpkins the Rage During 2009 Harvest Season

Ugly Pumpkins the Rage During 2009 Harvest Season

Austin Kaus | The Daily Republic, Mitchell, S.D.

WOONSOCKET – Covered in green and brown bumps, the group of pumpkins at Baysinger Seasonal Market looks as if something went very, very wrong in their month’s long growing process.

But the multicolored oddity is actually an example of one of two unusual types of pumpkins being sold for the first time at the market.

News of the pumpkins has grabbed the attention of pumpkin buyers across the area, and Teri Sewall doesn’t expect them to stay unsold for long.

“People come in and that’s what they buy – the really interesting ones,” Sewall said. “They do sell.”

This year is the first for the market, owned and operated by Larry and Janet Baysinger and stocked with the two distinct types.

The first is called “Goose Bumps” and appears to be appealing to customers looking for pumpkins more likely to scare away the faint of heart than awaken warm feelings of autumn celebration.

Known as “One Too Many,” the other pumpkin introduced by the market to area consumers, looks white with orange or yellow streaks surrounding it.