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Dentists Offer to Buy Back Halloween Candy

Dentists Offer to Buy Back Halloween Candy

Michael A. Sawyers | Cumberland Times News, Md.

The Halloween Candy Buy Back sponsored by the Dr. Diane D. Romaine and Associates Dental Health Center is in its second year and will be paying $1 for each pound of candy brought in by kids.

Candy can be brought to the center at 151 Bishop Murray Drive from Nov. 2-5 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

“I hope we get a ton of candy brought in,” said Al Romaine, center spokesman. “In the first year we bought back 200 pounds and that looked like a massive amount of candy.”

The program is available to young people from throughout the region.

“The purpose of this buy-back is to improve the dental health of kids and to have kids be able to take care of others by taking care of their own health,” Romaine said. “We are not trying to send an anti-Halloween message.”

Neither is the center trying to proclaim that kids shouldn’t eat candy at all. Romaine said there is nothing wrong with eating some of the door-to-door handouts as long as teeth are brushed correctly afterwards.

“Just bring the bulk of it in to us and we’ll give you a dollar a pound for it,” he said.

This year, the center is accepting chocolate, which was not the case a year ago.