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Family With Kids Gets Cursed on Bill

Family With Kids Gets Cursed on Bill

United Press International

A restaurant employee was fired in Britain after the F-word was found printed on a family’s dinner bill.

Craig Cartin said he and his wife where shocked when their bill for dinner at Cactus Joe’s in Halifax, England, arrived with the curse word typed at the bottom.

He said his older daughter, aged 2, created a fuss when their food took nearly 30 minutes to arrive.

Cartin thinks the words “Thank you littell …,” were aimed at his daughter.

“Molly was a bit grumbly but her behavior was not terrible – so this was just uncalled for,” he told the Halifax Evening Courier. “Presumably they had meant to delete the insult before printing the bill, but it’s still no excuse.”

Restaurant owner Steve Ryan said he paid a personal visit to the family to offer his apologies and fired the employee responsible for the message.

“This was absolutely inexcusable and it won’t be tolerated,” he told the newspaper. “The person involved has been sacked and I am planning on consulting my lawyers to see if I can take further action against her.”

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