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Pesticide Suspected in Restaurant Salsa

Pesticide Suspected in Restaurant Salsa

United Press International

Health officials in Kansas said people sickened at a Mexican restaurant in Lenexa the salsa they ate was contaminated with a pesticide.

Three groups of people who were sickened after eating at the Mi Ranchito restaurant earlier this year told KSHB-TV, Kansas City, health officials identified the source of their illnesses as the pesticide methomyl.

It was reportedly found in the restaurant’s salsa, but officials said it wasn’t present in the sauce’s raw ingredients, the report said.

Methomyl is used primarily to treat alfalfa crops and requires a special permit to purchase, agricultural extension agent Dennis Patton told KSHB.

“This is not a product you can walk into your local nursery , garden center or box store that has pesticides on the shelf … and get it,” Patton said.

The investigation is continuing, and the restaurant has reopened with new security cameras in the kitchen, the report said.

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