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Trying to Love Lambrusco

Trying to Love Lambrusco

Mitch |

So this stuff confuses me. I really want to like it. I’ve had a bunch of different kinds of it, and a couple of great bottles here and there, but also a lot of crap.

It’s my understanding that lambrusco was popular back in the 70s, but the market was then flooded by too much poor product, which caused a big backlash and the absence of the stuff from store shelves for years. The New York Times and other publications started running “Lambrusco is back!” style articles maybe four years ago, and it seems like there have been one or two of those a year since.

Did some searching around and came across this video.

Does anyone remember this stuff? Was it totally disgusting?

I think what I want most of all is a California-style sparkling red wine, which I know exist, but are pretty uncommon. Just give me a fizzy Pinot Noir or Syrah or something! I will shake the bottle and spray it everywhere in bacchanalian celebration!